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Your Consultant is Nicole Woodson

My Story



My Scentsy Story began in August 2008.  I was working my shift at a local hospital and another nurse brought her Scentsy Basket Party.  After seeing the quality of the products and smelling all 80+ scents all day, I knew I wanted to buy a warmer right away! I didn’t burn candles anymore due to my three small children running around the house. When I realized how awesome a product Scentsy was, and how fast the company was growing, I knew I wanted to get involved.


I joined the Scentsy family in 2008 with Scentsy Wickless Candles. I had never “sold” anything before, but I jumped right in.  I am now a Star Director and have over 200 consultants in my group. I have earned free vacations with Scentsy to Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.  


I am a Registered Nurse, a mom to three boys and a bonus mom to two girls, a wife to my wonderful, loving husband, and a Scentsy-lover & Director for over 8 years. We spend our time loving lake life near Fort Supply, Oklahoma. Thank you for letting me share my story with you!